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Realme Service Center is a form of excellent service on the other side of the problem of various types of problems related to customers. In fact, if there is a need to use the service, then the technical people are able to maintain a wide variety of products. So, there is no difference in expectations.

Outside that, mobile phones are correct, where any tiny original filter is used. It has an impact on the work. It will be damaged. In comparison, the price is less than that with the lamo chan warranty.

In fact, this type of method is wrong. Sayad, Tapai Realme Sarbhis Centerma and Anubhayeko Theo.  A simple example of this is the production of three greenhouses. If there is definitely a fault for the component, then the ramro will be lost. All the technical experts are equipped with knowledge.

Seriously, look at the various types of damage. There are chances of a big boy. It is more durable and durable than the use of basic spare parts. Along with the performance, other components are more evident from the heart effect.

Indonesia realmebat dheera feature Haru Chhain. The number is limited to that, while there are about 45 in different cities. Tapai Yaslai tour garn saknuhunchh bhane, tapain basne thaunbat tada chhain. All mobile phone problems are correct and the right way Hyandel is capable of governing and the official guarantee.

Realme Sarbhis Centre Thegana List

Recently, chinabaat or production should be a major ramro option, especially young people. Tiny-hulled embedded feature: Explore the house with a wide variety of people. Different types of new successes including haru. Indonesia has a potential market for different languages. It is surprising that realme has established a service center, it is complete here.

  1. whilst

The owner of this cellphone, Maiden Basindahrule, can visit the Maiden Fair Plaza. Place 4th floor number A1 M. Or only on 061-80512231, efforts will be made tomorrow. Just be sure and if you have a valid warranty card, you can’t afford it.

  1. helple

Eric-Arek Malangko Lagi, Chinabaat Ayko Yes Mobile Phone has two official offices, namely Jalan Socarno Hatta No. 2, the official Realme Mobile Service Center, telephone 0341-4378061. 54 A M G, or only 0341-5082211 Ma Kal Garnuhos.

  1. West Sulawesi

This place is at the office of the Mamuju Prosecutor. More precisely, this road is in KS. Tubun No. 42 Letter B, Mamuzu city is a region in West Sulawesi province. 911511 zip code. 0426-2322922 contacted by the number.

  1. Jakarta

Jakarta region, Ferri Nasodhunhos, realme service centers available there are available in the South East, Center, For example, as itc Roxy Complex Area, J.L. Hasim Ashri (021-6335564), J.L. Raya Davy Santika No. 353 (021-22855204).

  1. Bandung

The Realme Service Centre in the Bandung region is located at The Bandung Electronic Centre Istana JL Purnawarman 11, (022-20510111 UG Floor) and (022-86012785 Tesro Talla A6). Yasabahek, Yo Simhi area, available, J.L. Raya Simindi 105A Simhi, 022-2065505.

Service Center Haru’s journey

Although yo azi pani opoko is the parent company, tapai yaslai opoko repair centerma laijan saknuhunn. Yesko Sato Seidha Realmema Januhos. It is certified that the brand is actually ramo. New production, buy accessories, other requirements of the haru, are applicable to the heritage.

Realme Services Centre offers excellent service to the arrivals. Almost all waiters are friendly and vague. The waiting room with the soft sofa has full facilities. From air conditioning, bottled mineral water, television. WiFi is available at high speed.

You are ready for the Chinese seller. In order to distinguish between arrivals, it will be easier for consumers to add a high-end service to the end. With all these facilities, customers are happy to enjoy the heat, the heat is over. The chair was suffering from the pain and there was a lot of happiness.

After the call came, the  employee  of the Realme Service Center  smiled with a kind smile and just invited it. The voice is soft and patient, the mobile phones are damaged. At that time, Bharn will get a form. Arko, Tapainko cellphones are solitary, so what is the problem.

Waiting, social media, Nakholdasam, game play, will be provided with a loan cellphone. Check it out. The obstacle to the technicalities will be told. If it’s heavy, it’s a big one. If the light can wait, then wait and wait, you will be welcome.

Realme Servis Centrema Service

I know that this mobile brand will provide all the folds of information. It’s just a mess. Suppose, the phone accidentally comes in contact with water or any liquid. At the same time, realme and other monotons experience disruption. Allelementsofaforecastareacollectivejudgmentmaybehigherthanweassumedallthingsbeingequalthoughallthingsmaynotnecessarilybeequal.

Unfortunately, the official chain, warranty davi haraesam automatically entered the file. In this case, preliminary investigation,  questions about the RELM service center are related, water to  the water or the first. Arko, a complete test.

There are only about inspections, here you can see a variety of interesting items, such as earphones, charger head, available cables. It is a time-consuming person who is buying.

Realme Sarbhis Center provides a variety of information required for an excellent production experience with specifications. When the mobile phone is on, there are small signs. If you are interested in buying, you have to first do so that the people are not disappointed and the desired form is done.

jannaka lagi warranty ruleharu

A claim has been filed for the less important service. New products have a warranty note with a fixed time period for each purchase. Only one person suffers a lot of damage. Tapai turuntai aun saknuhunchh. The memorandum will be certified by a certificate box, a warranty card.

The outline is just a purchase. Customers will get this facility without online. Provided that the three main conditions should not be abolished. Chakhlagdo Kura, procurement period up to 7 days with production, when experiencing a very serious problem. New monogamous replacement.

When the damage is done, you are guilty of doing something. Jastai, Mathibaat Khasnu, or maybe scratch, I’m a scratch, i’m a hit. Just be that, yes replacements have time to time. The process is limited to 7 days and the maximum number of days after submission is 30 days.

If damage is caused, spare parts. One is the element. After using this phone in chakhlagdo kura, the checking warranty was received. The maximum time should be only 7 days, in fact, the duration is lamo chen.

The competition for Indonesian mobile phones is really fierce. Mobile phones are just about, provide gariako service, it is a way to attract the mind of the customer. If there is a lot of damage, then the Realme Sarbhis Center will be lazanu Ramro .

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