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Customer’s maximum DHL service center Q& A

In this article, we will discuss questions from the DHL Services Department and  our  customers.

DHL International GMH is a provider of package or package delivery services and can also deliver packages or parcels not only domestically but also to various countries in the world. Thus, online shopping from online markets in markets outside Indonesia is no longer new, and there are already many e-commerce deals that make sales easier.

You can open not only online shopping but also a wider business. If you are often a buyer, you can earn a living as a seller DHL may be a recommended way of delivering packages that can help the process of buying and selling between countries.

 DH ready to provide consumers 24 hours if there are questions about the delivery of goods, customs and others, what causes the package to be hampered You can also contact the Center for Services. This delivery service provider company has been in existence since 1969 and even packages 1.3 billion a year It was given, so it was obviously credible.

FAQs on shipping goods via DHL

The most common question that is usually asked on call centre services is whether the same service is when exports arrive? You don’t actually need to contact customer service because you need to access the DHL tracking page for those of you who have life-threatening questions.

  1. The DHL Indonesia website, which opens the DHL Indonesia website www.dhl.co.id
  2. Click on the tracking method once the main page has been opened
  3. After clicking on the tracking option later, you are asked to obtain a number or reference to obtain a status notification once you have received proof of delivery

Even through a tracking list, you encounter problems but only lessons or deliveries of goods with the DHL Services Department You can contact them, but only for tracking and transporting goods can you get as much information as you can from the DHL Indonesia website.

The most important thing is to save the tracking figures and see where the piece is being sent. The number contains 10 digits, before repeatedly checking to incapacitate that the receipt number or tracking number is actually valid.

Except if you missed the tracking number or didn’t keep it, the method number has a problem: the information for delivery isn’t really up to the destination, others  can only contact the DHL service center.

FAQs on parcel to be shipped via DHL

Another question or question and answer often asked by customers is about packages, especially if someone is using DHL Express services for the first time, and it is natural that there are many questions.

  1. What are the payment methods for DHL?

You should choose to send regularly for those who have already created an account, and you have a price offer that can be negotiated later and you can pay the bills every month.

  1. What is the maximum size for exporting goods?

For international exports, you use specialty cars and aircraft that do not exceed 120cm in size of goods and are later asked to provide information on the weight of goods.

  1. Why does the DHL reject exported goods?

For one of these questions, where the DHL itself has supplies for delivery of goods is actually very simple: there are certainly some prohibited items, such as dangerous waste or military equipment and sharp weapons.

There are many questions that can only be answered by going to the main page of the DHL Indonesia website and if it relates to damage or loss of goods D The HL Service Center needs to  be contacted; later, the DHL team will help you track down lost items and damaged goods.

FAQs on how to send a package

Not surprisingly, DHL itself strongly supports the  development of small to  medium-sized enterprises; this international delivery director or exploration Not surprisingly, many say they are truly an excellent partner for business between countries, since the DHL helps you to be careful in handling customs and profits Even for starters, there is no need to worry.

Additionally, the shipping industry that uses DHL services has existed since 1969, and even networks remain relatively vast around the world. L has a network of more than 220 countries and more than 220 regions; with a broader message, your business can run more smoothly.

Delivering goods with DHL is also very easy  ,  with the DHL service center requiring it to be delivered and provided only information about location.Then shipping costs Try calculating the bags, and also look at the list of items banned so that the package you will send is not experiencing problems.  These are commodities.

  1. Index tools
  2. Animals
  4. Pornography
  5. Laser disc
  6. Dangerous Commodities
  7. Ivy
  8. Rocky Mountains
  9. Tax stickers

After that, you can choose one service and choose between international services or exports and international services to other countries to your country or other countries to import them. You can also choose other favourite services, such as adding packaging, and then other favorites such as shipping outside working hours or protecting the value of ships and others Services can also be selected.

How to contact the DHL Services Department

If you still don’t understand the information on the main page of the DHL Indonesia website or another obstacle that the DHL team needs to ask directly If so, you only need to contact customer service. There are many ways to do this. You can send e-mails to Livechat and hotline services.

You can go to the main page of the DHL Indonesia website and then there are several options at the top, one of which is to contact DHL Express.D.E. Click on the option to contact CHL , and there are several options to contact customer service afterwards, one of which is filled in directly on the form and complaints page Jehovah’s Witnesses

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Zip code
  4. Customer Account Number
  5. Location
  6. Telephone
  7. Comment Details

What can access fast service, click on the option now, and you  will be directed to direct connectivity service by  the DHL  Service Center team afterwards. Additionally, 0800 1 33 or other hotline numbers can be called the Hotline number available on +62 21 7917 3333.

In addition to making your complaint well for the hotline industry, you can communicate both ways to get the best solution, so for those who want to do business, DHL Express can be one of the choices.

Expanding the market is surely the most efficient way to improve your business, and there is even a DHL service station  that DHLH  is ready to help  you.

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