Population growth in   West Java region : Capcus

Dukepe West Java L services full for community needs

The use   of a variety of  services provided   by West Java Ducapel is  really important for the community.  Every  resident  should be  recorded in  detail as the state’s color for the  needs of the  State  Archives    From there, it will clearly be known about rights and obligations as an Indonesian citizen.

Of course, as a resident of the  state life in the territory, everyone  wants to receive a welfare  level,  and  this state is in Indonesia. Because of the centrality of the country’s government, the  state  should pay special attention to the public.

So far, the data of the population  will show  how  community interest levels are based on different perspectives, and  once all obligations are met, the rights of the  public will also be achieved without discrimination  .   Of course, there are so many interests and needs that they must be met in order to increase the standard of living of the people .

In this discussion,  it  will be explained about the population profile in the Ducapel region of  West Java. The  following information  will  also  help   all factors  make   it  easier for the government to control as   intended   :  In  the general interest, we can certainly structure the achievements that the community and government  can enjoy.

 Population growth in   West Java region

At the  time of calculating the number of  people living in  a  region, the census program became the main way  . The annual program  has   always been launched;  the  census  has been able to be used as an accurate counting method throughout the year Jehovah’s Witnesses

When you see a significant increase in the number of people, it can certainly be used   to   establish strategic policies.    Through this method,  we  can learn more about people’s data based on gender  groups.  The Bible says: “The whole world is

According to data  recorded  at the West Java Ducapel office, male sexual intercourse recorded  25,265,315 people.   The data contains  24,670,543 less comparative  people  , a  total of 49,935,858 on the  local  registry through the census program. It was introduced.

The   data  is the  result of a census program   by 2020  , showing the latest population figures.  It  can actually be used  as a government program because of the diverse backgrounds of  people in  the region.  Every tactic of the policy is the  value of fairness  All groups of people must be targeted to   promote it  .

Public    service facilities  must  also be  provided as best as  possible to provide the best impact in  accordance with the  needs of  the people.As  long as  there are full services from  government, it is   good to  all groups     As long  as your information is recorded in the government’s census program  , you will be more comfortable in society.

The most comprehensive types of services from government agencies

Throughout  the state, it is certain that not every citizen   can be separated from the administration  of West Java Dukacal.  all  citizens must have  a legal and legally registered identity in government data.   If you live in a country  , it has become a responsibility.

There  are a variety of  actions to  record citizen information through the responsible service  of cases  .  Starting with  education, employment, insurance and  almost every other sector  will be related to data.  The reason is that you are  a    legal resident    there’s a function in this data   to show  .

The  first sample associated with service in the government system is to  collect information  to have a personal identity card . This identity   standard It is  compulsory  for all ORNG, at  least  17 years of  age   , starting  with ownership of an ID card , and  many other things that are later needed .     It can be used for care.

To obtain an ID card, you must  register  with the full information  via the West Java  Ducacal  Service   , but this is  the service  It’s not  the  types, because the  attention is so high,  and another  example is  to get special programs  from the government, according to  some standards.       It is collecting information  .

In this   regard ,  arrangements that  target some groups through administration  may be particularly favorable  ,  meaning at least in demographic matters . You  need a personal identity to register . You  will be more comfortable  if you have completed  governmental matters for special benefits   Insurance is guaranteed.

E-KTP and other data can be taken care of online

After more   technological advances, the West Java Dukekel office is also  trying to improve its quality.  Thus, quality  in public services,  will focus on sophisticated systems  to help the  needs  of the people.   Evidence  can be seen from  the online  system by relying on the internet to  look after various needs.

If you can do it online because of the Presence of the Internet   , you do  not always have to visit the office  . The  help of these facilities  makes community activities easier   The  government’s goal  with  regard to this innovation is  efficient  and efficient   services.  There is no  doubt that there is no doubt about it  .

The reason is that a very high population must have  the ability to generate serious needs all the time,  and if you can implement online services, move It  will make you more relaxed without being able to afford it  .  Because sophisticated  systems are installed via   the  Internet  even at home, a  variety of issues must be completed   Jehovah’s Witnesses

One example of  a service in  West Java  Ducus to be made   online  is an E-KTP: for presentations   ,  form filling can be reached through Internet  buildings so that a   long class will not need  to  be  arranged.   Since then, there have been radical changes to support  the  well-being  of people starting with the service  .

For married couples , it is    easy to care for family  cards , so  they are   guaranteed  to be  more practical in accessing important  things . In  other words , there is no need to bother when applying for services as needed .

The reporting system can help us to improve services

All convenience is  available from various parties,  whether it is a community or a government  , the online system can be used as possible during working hours, as well as  a special service to report a variety of dissatisfactions   .

Through a service program called Lapor, you  can use the  system to express suggestions and criticisms.  If you think  there is a  shortage of services from the government   , you can  generally criticize it. On the other hand, if the  report is  included, it is  also  a way to present suggestions.  It is used.

Various forms of criticism and advice from the population   can help improve the quality of West Java Ducacal. There is no  doubt that changes will arise because of communication and  communication; the hope of the  existence of an online system helps residents  express their own opinions    It certainly does not hesitate  .

The Lapor application and website  can be accessed more easily because they can be used for  24 hours. All  forms of support will be  used as an attempt to change the service for the better.  If all the people’s needs can be implemented  , for all parties    You’re going to be more relaxed  .

From now  on, there is nothing to worry about from the latest system in the local registration government.  All services can be  practically provided by  Internet technology, In this   way, all  communities    in the West Javaducle region  will be able to enjoy the most comprehensive facilities   They are insured.

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