Not only that, but part of this call center  will also be on standby 24 hours a day : MP3JUICEID

Connect to the Commerce Call Centre    to  resolve all issues

Identifying  call center  Niaga or CMB Niaga would be of great help if there was a problem as  it was  really important  to the community.   It is easy to build the call center itself.   It’s  because  not everyone  knows how to do it, especially  if it’s the first time.

As you already know , Seemb Niaga himself was  one of the national private banks  whose  name  became  the first Niaga.  The existence of this private bank  appeared  to be a choice for many because of the many benefits customers would receive.   The  services and facilities  in it are  complete  .

Not only that,  but also  a variety of services and facilities based on information technology have been used since the bank was founded.   Moreover,  the commerce became the  first bank  in Indonesia to serve the general public in the form of ATM machines .

In 1991, the bank  appeared to  serve  its customers  in the  form  of online  services.    The  service  is  included with Niaga Call Centre,  which   provides customer  service to provide easy access to and comfort  at  any time and  anywhere.

CMB Niaga is also listed on Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange   .   The bank’s achievements are capable of making it into the category of Indonesia’s  largest bank.  It   became clear  that the position was established on the basis of the assets of the company concerned.


Before   asking what to do by contacting the Niaga Call Centre,  it is important to know more  about  Indonesia’s  largest private bank  . CIMB Niaga is  from  the  same country. It is part of the fourth-largest bank class.   When  is the proportion of assets  owned?   The majority of its shares are owned by CIMB Group.

The  main business or product  offered by the company is  business capital credit or home ownership.   This is  listed as  Niaga Bank with the  third   largest provider of  home ownership loans  in the  country.  In addition, it provides  a variety  of programs and services to attract more  customers.

A professional credit program was launched  in 1976 and is a kind of loan for engineering experts, doctors and other professionals.  From 1981-1982, an  online banking system and a branch office network system were  already  implemented.   Three years later, a  network of business units has been set up to replace the official foreign   VA LUtah and  has been operational  at several branch offices.

In 1987, CIMB became the first banking company  in Indonesia  to serve its customers in the form of  ATM  machines .  In June 1989 ,   since the Bank made its first share proposal to become a public company, it has become a public company  .   Only in May 2008 was formally  renamed  bank CIMB Niaga.

Call Centre Niaga U.U.

Every one  of  us  who uses  banking services will undoubtedly face sometimes  problems with the services that have been provided  in the past.  To  overcome this problem, we really need to   have a call centre for the company concerned – to make it easier to overcome it.

At   first, the call center  itself appeared  to  offer  free service to its customers as the best service  .   Unfortunately, it became clear  that the  service  was no longer available.   But there’s nothing to worry about because   they can still communicate with them easily  and quickly via smartphones.

For those of you with problems, immediately complain  by calling the  BISA Official Commerce Call Centre  at 14041.  The service   can solve  banking problems faced by customers.    There are a variety of cases in which complaints  can be lodged  with the Customer Service Department or call centre  , including:

  1. three
  2. Credit:
  3. Missing Passbook
  4. Credit:
  5. Other issues relate to the services provided and the services provided .

Not only that, but part of this call center  will also be on standby 24 hours a day.   This decision   will reassure you to complain  at any time and anywhere.  In addition   to the  Niaga Call Center, you  can also send 14041@cimb email  for more information.

    Bank CCC

 Did you  already know the Niaga call center  number? The  procedure for submitting complaints to the  bank  is   really easy for those  of you  who do not know.    It is only a matter of mistake  for many people to do so. In order not to be misled –  here is  the  procedure for filing a complaint with this bank.

To file a complaint with Niaga Bank, you can contact the call centre number directly.  When connected,   you  can immediately tell what the complaint or problem is.   Try  to provide as much information as possible.

In addition  to this number,  there are other ways to help customers file complaints via social media they have received.

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  2. Twitter@cimb Trump’ Trump
  3. Instagram: @cimb_Market
  4. Website:

There are  some documents that need to be prepared first before deciding to contact the Commerce  Call Centre  , such as  personal identity, chronology of complaints, data or supporting documents (e.g.), transactions, rebate forms or otherwise) and proving the complainants’ phone numbers.


You already know how to call this bank’s call center?  You should  also know what the bank’s profits are  .   Only your  reviews

  1. Full Product

The first advantage of becoming a customer in commerce is that there are extra services, hypermat savers, AirAsia savers, on-account and many other complete products.  Having a complete product, you  can adjust to the needs of your future customers.

  1. res 

For those who want to complain about a variety of issues, such as losing credit or debit cards,  forgetting the PIN to lose your savings,  you  don’t have to worry about them  . There is a  responsive and cumulative call centre.

  1. Different types

It’s not hard to be  a customer of this bank either  because almost all major cities in Indonesia have branches.    In this regard,  it is easier  to access services and products as  desired.

Cimb Niaga is  one of Indonesia’s largest private banks.   If there is a complaint or problem, you  can rely on the Niaga Call Centre.

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