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Free Telkomsel call center, here’s how to use it

If the telkomsel call center service is free, of course, this makes customers satisfied and happy. This is because customers do not need costs. You  can get  information about products and services for free and submit complaints and criticisms. This, of course, greatly facilitates your work.

A call center is a service for customers, which is usually provided by a company ora mobile or bank hatcher. In general, these services are indeed paid. Especially when talking directly with customer service.   However, if thecompany provides services for free, then it is really very useful and can make customers satisfied.

Customers will not worry and will be able to ask more freely about the company’s products and services.  In addition, customers can pass oncriticism to Luhan without worrying that you will lose a lot of costs.   Customers do not need to specially prepare funds or credits to use the service.  Here are some of the benefits of a free call center and how to use it.

Advantages of the free Telkomsel call center

There is no doubt that the free Telkomsel ca ll center provides many advantages to customers.   The first benefit, of course, is cost or credit savings. You do not need to spend any credits ormoney to use the service.   You are free to ask the customer service team, no matter how long or unlimited it is.

You can also contact the customer service team at any time. Because the company of the mobile operator provides services throughout the day or for 24 hours. You can ask various questions or ask about products to the call center team. They will serve you patiently. Because it became the company’s attitude.

Another advantage of a free call center, of course, is that it makes konsumen semore satisfied. Ifyou are satisfied, of course, you will be loyal to the company.  Thus, it can be said that the services of the call center also have a significant impact on the company.   This is really a plus for the company in the eyes of consumers.

Thus, customers no longer have to think about credit problems when faced with problems and want to contact the call center.

 Free Telkomsel call center, efforts to satisfy customers

The free Telkomsel call center service is a strategy that makes it easierfor customers.  This is not surprising, because Telkomsel customers have also expanded andspread to various cities of the province. In fact, it was spread to about 400 cities. In orderto meet the needs and services of customers, Telkomsel already has about 65 offices.

Although the competitive conditions of Indonesian telecommunications companies are very strict, Telkomsel aims to provide the best services, one of which is the free call center services.  This, of course, brings enormous positive value to the progress of the company andincreases the trust of customers.

Various telecommunications companies compete to provide the best service to consumers.   Including services that make things easier for consumers and make them satisfied.   It is also a form of maintenance and progress of the enterprise in the long term.

How to use telkomsel call center for free

How to use the free telkomsel call center service  , is really very simple. This can be done by phone or through social media. For phone numbers that serve customer service e-services, you can call 133. Layanan call center is designed for Halo card subscribers.

The service can be used free of charge. You do not need to prepare any credit or funds to use the service.  This, of course, is very easy for users. Users can communicate to ask about the product or submit any complaints to the customer service team.

Customers who come from abroad also do not need to worry. Telkomsel will still provide call center services for free. To use the service is also very simple, you can call +628110-000-333 without preparing a credit or any fees.  Of course, this makes it very easy for you.

You do not need to spend moneyto get information about the product or to make complaints or criticisms.   Especially when you have a place abroad, which is far away, if you have to come to the headquarters of the service.

Jamn contact directly through the phone number, you can use the call center service through the official website, you can  easily open situs Another simpler way is that you can download the My Telkomsel app through the Play Store.   The Internet quota is definitely needed to be able to use these services.

The service provided by the customer service team is, of course, very friendly.   Both by phone and by chat. The team will explain very patiently whether you need information about the latest products or services.   They will explain again if you still do not understand what is being said.

If you make complaints or criticisms, the customer service team will patiently listen and give explanations. That those who at first feel angry or upset about the fact that the services provided are not as expected, having listened very well to the explanations of the team, negative emotions will also gradually  decrease.

Free Telkomsel call center with Telkomsel virtual assistant

One of the free services of the Telkomsel call center  , which p elanggan can enjoy, is a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a  chat  service that  can be used  by Telkomsel officials to find out products and information about cards. For example, information about quota packages and the remaining dependent packages, points, or the location of GraPARI or service centers.

With this service, of course, users do not need a lot of fees or credit. Users just need to prepare enough quotas, since the service requires an Internet network. You can use the service anywhere and anytime without fear of spending a lot of money.

The virtual assistant service is available to all Telkomsel customers, both for Simpati and As cards. However, for customers who have a halo card from the company, they cannot yet use it.   The virtual assistant service has long been provided together with customers. It has been around for about four years, or rather, on August 24, 2017.

How to access a virtual assistant is very simple. So much through messynger apps like Whatsapp and Telegram, websites for social media. If you want to usethe service through a messynger, for example, telegram can directly access @Telkomsel_official_bot account. As for Whatsapp, you can call  +62 811-1111-1111.

In the case of Telegram, when you say hello to the word start, it will be automatically greeted by the customer service, which is online.   In general, they will havea phone number that is used tocheck and provide optimal services.  When it comes to social media like Line, you can click on @Telkomsel.

For The Facebook Messenger  , you can contact Telkomsel.  Because access is also very fast, you don’t have to wait long to get a response from the customer service team.

As a mobile card user, of course, is very pleased if the operator’s company provides the optimal service. For example, a call center as a place to get information about products or transmit criticism and complaints.   Therefore, users, of course, very favorably appreciate the presence  of the free telkomsel call center service.

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