Cara Menghubungi Call Center Tiki :

24-hour Tiki call center number and Tiki service

Tiki tries to provide maximum service by providing a 24-hour tiki call center number.   Tiki is a company that is engaged in forwarding services.   Tiki, founded since the 1870s, is currently being transformed into one of the largest forwarding service providers in Indonesia.   Tiki’s network of activities has reached 65 major cities in Indonesia.

With a larger customer from Tiki, the service to customers must also be better. Tiki is   one of the oldest forwarding service companies in Indonesia. When delivering goods, as a rule, problems arise. Starting from packages that are not up to the point, spoiled goods, and so on. If you experience this, you can contact the Call Center.

The role of call centers in companies engaged in forwarding services is very important. Because when sendingn goods there is actually a lot of risikonya. Sometimes there are also customers who are eager to want the goods to be delivered quickly. Customers will usually call the tiki call center number directly if they experience it.

Previously, the tiki call centerdid not have a24-hour constellation, but now you can contact the tiki call center number for 24 hours. This is because there are more and more customers who need call center services. With the services of the call center, it is expected that all loyal customers will be well served. Tiki always strives to provide the best service according to the needs of customers  in the modern era.

How to check the delivery of goods to where via Tiki

If you are sending goods, you may definitely needto know where the goods are located. For this reason, as a rule, each freight forwarding service provides services to check the position of the goods. Knowing the position of the goods, customers can feel at ease.

The way to track the position of the goods through tiki is quite simple. All you need to prepare is the receipt number. The receipt number is the number used to identify the consignments.   Thisn omor receipt will be used for tracking. To perform surveillance through tiki, there are two ways.  If you’re having trouble tracking, you can contact tiki’s call center number for 24 hours.

The first way is observation via the Internet. For tracking, you can visit the page  . On the page, you only need to enter the receipt number. Make sure that the receipt number you entered is correct. If so, just click on the track button. You can also track more than one receipt number at a time.

The second way is to contact the tiki call center number for 24 hours. In the second way, you can also simply prepare the receipt number. Call the Call Center, then tell your point. As a rule, the call center will ask for the receipt number of the delivery receipt for the goods you have made. After that, the call center will conduct monitoring, then transmit the results.

Cara Menghubungi Call Center Tiki

The need for a call center in a delivery service company is very important. It feels like maybe almost every day someone will contact the tiki call center. Because when a customer encounters delivery issues or is not satisfied with the service, they will definitely contact the call center. Meanwhile, many deliveries are made every day.

If you have a problem with tiki delivery, you can contact the tiki call center number for 24 hours. You can contact the Tiki Call Center using 1500125 phone number. You can request the sharing of information using the hotline number. For example, services, goods that are not brought to the place of destination, damaged goods, the location of the goods, etc. believe. By calling the call center number, it will usually be served faster.

You can also contact tiki customer service through social media. Now that people are very fond of using social media, they believe they are also using social media to provide services to customers. It’s just that it’s usually the case when you’re contacted through social media long enough to get an answer.   You can find Tiki social networks on Facebook, Twitter @idtiki and Instagram @tiki_aid.

But if you want to get answers quickly, you should not get in touch through social media. Because if you send questions through social media, the service does not have a  constellation for 24 hours. It is also possible that the administrator did not open your message so as not to receive a response.

In addition to using social media and believing call center numbers for 24 hours, you can contact customer service via email. Post.  It may be possible to contact customer service by email if you cannot log in when you log in to “i” with a phone number. Because perhaps the operator customer service is very busy with the service of other customers

Advantages that DI have oleh Tiki

Believes, as one of the largest delivery services in Indonesia, clearly has many advantages. One of them believes in offering his services at very competitive prices. It can even be said that the price offered by Tiki is cheaper than other delivery services. Tiki also provides guaranteed forwarding services.

In addition, it is very important that Tiki has a shipping servicen to check the goods in real time. In this way it will greatly give a feeling of comfort when using tiki. You can access the real-time tracking service through the official tiki website or you can also access it through the tiki app.  If you’re having trouble tracking, you can contact tiki’s Call Center number for 24 hours.

Tiki was very experienced in the field of freight forwarding. As one of the pioneers of the provision of services in Indonesia, the experience he believes is clearly undeniable. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of Tiki’s services. There are also so many tiki branches that they are easy to find.

Services belong to oleh Tiki

Tiki has some very interesting services, the tiki service will provide convenience for customers. Here are some servicesfrom  tiki freight forwarding services. The first is to pick it up online or thumbs up. JEMPOL is an application for the collection of goods and documents. And what’s amazing about this THUMB service is that there is no minimum weight limit.

The second is that tiki outlets operate for 24 hours. In this way, you can send the goods whenever you want. It will be very useful for those of you who have an online business. With outlets that operate for 24 hours, you can quickly deliver the goods to customers. Tiki outlets have spread greatly in major cities of Indonesia. Tiki outlets can also be an alternative if you want to think about it, in addition to using the 24-hour tiki call center number.

The third is a 24-hour car ride.  This service is very interesting because it allows customers to make the delivery of goods without getting out of the vehicle. Tiki will also send SMS notification when the goods are started to be delivered and when they arrive at their destination address.

In addition, it is the insurance that believes provides asuransi services to ensure the safety of customers. So you don’t have to worry about using tiki services. Then Tiki also provides real-time tracking. You can check the goods to where they arrive in real time through the tiki application, we bsite or through the tiki call center number for 24 hours.

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