Use Akulaku to  whatsapp call center for customer complaints: ILYASWEB

Surely Akulaku,  a financial services provider platform where quality has become global, will provide an Akulaku call  center  that customers can contact when faced with problems or want to file different complaints.

Akulaku opens up opportunities  for you to be able to do online shopping activities using credit services. In fact, you can also shop in installments and offer very flexible cash loans. So,  having Akulaku here aims to facilitate the lives of its customers in making different transactions.

Some of Akulaku’s facilities include  buying  credit, then buying Internet shares and data packs, paying BPJS, PDAM, as well as PLN bills, and even buying airline tickets.

Unfortunately, in service from Akulaku, of course not all customers feel good. For this reason,  Akulaku  provides  different Akulaku call centre  channels so that customers can contact their party at any time freely. Here are some ways customers can file complaints and questions through the call center.

Transfer your complaint through customer service

One of the channels you can call  to send questions or for information is to contact Akulaku Customer Service. You can access this CS  service  without limits, which takes 24 hours. Not only that, but calls can also be obtained at no cost.

If you would like to contact  Akulaku  employees  through  this method, you can contact Akulaku Call Center  on 1500920. By this number, you can submit many questions and complaints about akulaku’s premiums and credit.   You can also move many other obstacles.

The way complaints and customer inquiries are made is more effective through this call centre. Because in addition to the 24-hour service, through this CS, you will also communicate directly with  akulaku’s competent and knowledgeable staff to help solve your problems quickly.

Although it’s not as easy as live chat, the Akulaku call center  can provide clearly and directly direct answers to customers so customers don’t need to confuse them for solutions in every obstacle they face. Customers can ask questions freely indefinitely as long as they comply with the complaint procedure.

Also try the e-mail complaints service

Besides being able to file complaints and questions related to Akulaku through  the  call center, you can also do this through other platforms or media. One of the commonly used media to file complaints is through Akulaku’s official email. Here, you can easily express what you want to move.

The email address  you’re going to go to is on  You just need to create an email as usual with the theme “Complaint” or “Question about ….” Start filling in the email text with something you want to transfer to Akulaku.

Unfortunately, there are flaws in this channel if you want to use it as a way to file complaints or submit questions. Unlike  the  Akulaku call center  that tends to respond quickly, through email, it will take a long time to get answers from Akulaku employees or employees.

This is because email is not a way to open at all times compared to call centers, so there is a possibility that it will take a long time. Even if you get an answer,  employees  usually direct you to the CS section or other social media to get a faster response.

WhatsApp as a media complaint yang easy dsimple

There are also other much simpler and easier-to-use media to ask questions and make complaints alongside the Akulaku call center  and email, WhatsApp. As a very common messaging medium, WhatsApp is certainly a friend of almost everyone in the world to share messages and information.

Therefore, Akulaku also benefits from the popularity of these media to be able to communicate with their customers more flexibly and freely. Although you use WhatsApp media, the messages you send are not fully answered by  the Akulaku chatbot. By using this method, you can still stay in direct contact with Akulaku employees  .”

Like using  the Akulaku call center, through WhatsApp, you can also freely express your various questions and complaints   through this live chat.   You just have to  send a chat with what you want to move clearly.

When filing complaints    , make sure you  use  clear, concise and easy-to-understand language, and don’t use incomprehensible language.

The whatsApp contact number that can be contacted is in the 081113508161 number. To get an answer from Aculaco , be patient because it takes some time.

Come straight to Akulaku’soffice more clearly

The last option that can be done if you have many important questions or complaints that you want to make is to go directly to akulaku’s office. Use  the Akulaku call center  or WhatsApp is free, but it takes some time to get a response and solve the various problems you face.

If you want a quick and clear response, you can immediately come to the office and talk to the officer there.  Akulaku’s office can only be visited  for customers living in the Jabodetabek area, because the distance is still affordable.

Unlike customers staying away from the territory it will certainly be difficult. Not to mention the cost required more. For this reason, customers are recommended to take advantage of the media provided by Akulaku  earlier to facilitate the sending of your questions, complaints and problems.

You can also tap into the help center that’s in the Akulaku app. Here, you can make any notes you want. The first step to do is download  the Akulaku app  to your phone and then sign in to the app. Look for the notes icon and you can send comments.

It’s very easy to be able to connect to Akulaku even though it hasn’t gone straight to Akulaku’s office. Along with the evolution of technology, everything can be done online or over the phone. Although there are currently no more diverse channels besides WhatsApp,  Akulaku can still meet the needs of customers who need solutions.

If you want to contact Akulaku, just choose between using the call center, through live Chat on WhatsApp or through a message sent via official email. All the ways you can try it depending on your own comfort, including  the  highly effective Akulaku call center.

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