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CIMB  call centre,  report your  complaint using different platforms

As  a big bank  , CIMB call centres can now be accessed using various platforms|   Traditional lines such as  using  internet media  | so customers can communicate more flexibly using the platform|

Various types of complaints ranging  from  frivolous issues  ranging from incorrect data inputs to  fraud cases  can be reported directly to the Centre | consumers are advised to take advantage of this feature as much as possible|   Don’t let it go when something ugly happens  |

If customers actively participate in the reporting of such  incidents, it will  also be easier for  the bank to improve customer service.  Isn’t maximum service the dream of all customers?   Therefore, do not hesitate to use  the CIMB call center to file your complaint.

If you feel that using traditional means such as the telephone to lodge a complaint, you are  unable to use email or  other digital media  . If you use email, image  capture can be used to clarify problems that cannot be conveyed in words.

How  to communicate with CIMB call center using telephone network

One way  to  contact the CIMB call centre is  to use the number 14041  |  This number is the official of the bank which the aspirant and customer  can use to find information and file complaints|   Do not get the wrong number due to the possibility of fraud  .

Bank CIMB  offers non-stop customer service for its customers for a full 24 hours|    No matter what the holiday is, if  there is any disturbance, you can report immediately   so that the  problem  can be resolved. So customers will be more comfortable using cimb’s services|

Various issues can be resolved without the need to come to the branch office if  you avail user calls from  the bank|   From restrictions occurring while transferring or making transactions, to  the problem of losing an  ATM card,  can be reported immediately at any time.

As a smart user, of course you will take advantage of this service as much as possible|   There  is  no need to believe the news of fraud if  the CIMB Niaga call center will reduce  your saving balance while making a call|  There is no need to believe such things because it is definitely a hoax news|

To avoid misinformation, it is highly recommended that customers confirm directly with the bank.   Nowadays sharp  news  is often circulated whose source is not clear so as a knowledgeable customer  you have to check the information  |

To make user calls, however, you are  only charged according to   the  network operator’s  fee.  Apart from  this, no further discounts have been offered by CIMB Bank for its customers  .  Take advantage of this customer service to find the right information about the bank|

Communicating with CIMB call centres from abroad

For customers who are working  abroad or holidaying,   there is no need to worry  about the difficulty in making customer service calls  . You  can  still reach  CIMB  Bank  using the number provided.   Just call +6221-29978888 to contact  the  center  .

You  will  immediately be connected to  the customer service department to receive complaints or  inquiries.   The  cost incurred on communicating with CIMB call centres from abroad  still depends on the telecommunication operator’s fees | so the rates can certainly vary from one  to the other   |

Calls  made from abroad   will be placed  by  this bank on a separate server  . So don’t worry that you’ll wait too long because of the large number of customers calling | if the channel is crowded  you can try again in a few minutes to connect|

Calls  from abroad  can also be made for 24 hours at any time | Simb Bank has never shut down the communication channel between the customer and the Centre. So customers can still get the information or file their complaints even  on  holidays or at certain hours  |

Regarding  the quality of  calls made from abroad  , it once again depends on your communication provider.  Network and voice will also be  maximized  if you use a good service   .  Avoid  making foreign calls during bad weather as this will affect the sound quality and comfort of your service.

How to report bank customer complaints using email

Not only from the cellular line, now CIMB Bank has  also  opened the user service using  email  . So for complaints requiring special details, you can take advantage of this feature. Customers will find it easier to explain problems using email media|

To be able to connect to customer service  from a CIMB bank, all you need to do is send  an  email to the The email address is probable and can also be used by the customer to seek information and also file  complaints that occur   regarding banking  problems|

The email  provided by CIMB Bank is an added support for  the CIMB call centre  so that customers with some interest  can share their problems quickly|   Some complex cases such as data input errors and failed transfers can be easily reported using emails.

You just need to attach a screenshot as proof of a system failure. This of course  makes it easier for  the bank to  be  able  to confirm the case  | so you have already solved the problem by not coming to the branch office  .

Email  responses  from CIMB bank are also  very quick in minutes, customers can connect and get responses|    You  don’t have to wait too long to get the reply emailfrom the bank, skip the day. Customer convenience is the top most priority so that you can transact smoothly|

The bank has reached out to customers using CIMB social media

Along with  the development of the trend of using social media  , CIMB Bank also has an account to reach out to customers  |   You can search  for these social media accounts on Twi T20, Facebook, and Instagram platforms  . So you can talk directly to the bank|

Social media can also be used to report crimes like fraud  |  Now, irresponsible people  have used different modes  on behalf  of  CIMB Bank  . If you  are aware of such  a  case  contact the bank  immediately|

As a cooperative customer,  of course, you don’t want other customers to experience fraud crimes  . This will definitely hurt and  surpass the image of CIMB Bank as well  |  This is the reason why social media was created so that  it  would be easier for  people  to reach  the bank in  a short time.

It didn’t take much time to open the social media application  than contacting the CIMB call centre|  The response from the administrators from social media was also quick as there was  already a  special officer  to handle it  . So the exchange of information between the customer and the bank can happen  quickly|

Apart from  being used to  file complaints on social media from banks  , CIMB also often provides important information about banking | so there is  nothing wrong  if you follow  these social media accounts  to  increase knowledge|   There are  definitely new things to discover  through the platform|

After knowing how to talk to CIMB Bank, surely you will not hesitate to file a complaint anymore | if you face a complaint, immediately report  it  to CIMB Bank as customer comfort is a priority.  Maximize the Simb Call  Center features for your comfort and safety.

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