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West Java Famous Local List

There are many regencies in Western Java and almost all have their own privileges.   If you’re one of the people from West Java, you certainly really understand the areas in the province. The Indonesian people certainly understand that there are various advantages that can be found in western Java.

Various types of tourism are often visited by various types of tourists from outside the region and abroad. It doesn’t stop there, but the food section continues to grow and become more well known.

Of course, one Indonesian, you also have to understand the tribes and cultures of different kinds from other regions. The same is true from the West Java region, which is dominated by the Sunni tribe. The West Java province itself is divided into 18 regencies and nine cities. You can get a variety of information through our information below.

The start of Java West Regency was established

Java West, or Jawa Kulon, is one of the provinces in Indonesia that are known to others. Indonesia itself has many provinces with a fair lymph, but not all of them are well known to the Indonesian people.

West Java province you will find a variety of cultural highlights that make tourists and locals feel even more surprising. But before the history of Western Java may not be widely known.

One of the provinces in the 5th century was part of the kingdom of Tamnegara. There are various types of inscriptions left over from the kingdom and are widely circulated in west Java provinces. About seven inscriptions are written in Wengi’s textbook and used in Scottish nationality as to how most would tell the royal journey from Tarumanegara.

Tarumanegara has been successfully and continued by the Kingdom of The Sundanese. There are also inscriptions from the era of the Sundan kingdom, which is still well preserved in the Bogor region. The struggle between the Kingdoms did not stop until finally, in 1925, West Java was used as an administrative sensation during the Eastern Indian rule of the Netherlands.

This is also the foundation of the local establishment in West Java.   Not only that but that development has continued in West Java so far. this certainly makes people in the province feel more secure to develop sectors, especially in the economy.

Have you ever understood all districts owned by The Western Java Province? as previously mentioned, there are about 18 provinces and 9 cities. The capital of the province is located in Budapest, and on October 17, 2000, many districts of the province will be established as a separate province, Banten.

Regencies list in West Java

If you want to know about the names of  the regency, here are some regencies from Java Kulon that you can know  .

  1. Bandung Regency, which has the capital in Soreang. One regency appears to have an area of about 1,767 people and a population of approximately 3,145,254. It consists of 31 districts and 10 southern counties, making this district very famous.
  2. Furthermore, there is West Bandung Regency which has an area of about 1,305. The western city of Bandung is in Ngamprah and has a population of about 1,616,203, divided into 16 provinces.
  3. The next West Java Regency is bekasi Regency with an area of 1,224 kilometers thick because it has about 23 districts; it has a population of 2,554,376 and is distributed promptly.
  4. Bogor next has a very large area compared to others. An area of about 2,710 square miles with a population of 4,246,307 people spread across 40 suburbs.
  5. Cianjur covers an area of 3,840 cubic KM with 13 suburbs. It has a population of about 2,246,663 people in 32 suburbs.
  6. Siamese has a population of 1,228,294 divided into 27 sub-districts. The area of the province is about 1,414 square miles.
  7. There is a next level of syrup with a small area of only 984.52 square miles. About 2,099,089 people have spread across 40 suburbs.
  8. Garut with an area of 3,074 cubic KM, housing 2,210,017 people. Divided by a fairly large number of sub-saharan areas, there are 42.
  9. Indramayu has a total of 1,845,205 in 31 provinces. The indramayu area is about 2,040 square miles.
  10. There is an area of 1,652 square miles and a population of about 2,110,476 people. Karawang has 30 sub-districts spread across the province.

There are many other provinces in the West Java region. For example: Mishimah, Syribon, Sukabumi, Tasimalaya, Puangkatta, Sukabumi, Majalengka, Pangandaran, Sumedang, and many others.

Each county must have different characteristics. Starting with the socio-economic sectors, tourism, education and so on. Despite the many localities owned, West Java has succeeded in creating positive personalities for his people.

Economy in West Java Regency

In addition to having to understand the name of regency in West Java , it turns out that you understand the various capabilities you have.There are a lot of potentials that West Javais are a province with many residents there.

So, looking at the economy, it turns out that the province is developing in the regions. Starting with production, agriculture participating in land and agriculture. There is also a thriving economy in the sea and fisheries because it lies on both sides of the Java Sea.

The economy continues to grow well in West Java. There is no doubt that many people are thriving as well, trying to make efforts to make their provincebetter.

 Tourism in Western Java Regency

When viewed from tourist attractions, the district in West Java doesn’t want to be left behind; there are many good places to be used as one of the destinations when going on vacation;most of the tourism from this province is more about natural tourism.

However, there are many visitors from inside and outside the area who come just to enjoy the time off. If classified, at least tourism in West Java is about 96 with different categories.

Starting with the beach, the waterfalls, the waterfalls, the amusement park, the museum and many others. So, are you interested in spending your vacation in Java Kulon?  Your vacation has to be much more enjoyable if you choose one of the above areas for tourism.

There are many countries compared to cities in the province.   But if you try to search in these areas, there needs to be interesting things to find.   There are actually a lot of regencies in Western Java but all have their own natural beauty.

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