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History of injured in TII West Java and its causes


One of the kinds of  resistance that gives many people memories in his time is DI TII West Java. That’s because the incident  was enough to cause a lot of  casualties. In fact,  events have also happened over a fairly long  period of time. So many people remember that today.


Even after the Republic of Indonesia became independent, people fought even harder. National heroes face a number of events that are much more so than during the Indonesian struggle. Even then  , the resistance that has taken place came from  the Indonesian people.   The incident  occurred because the ideology was not in line with the government.


Many groups of individuals are unhappy with what the Indonesian government is doing. That’s  why there    are quite a lot of insurgents of their own people, like the di   tii movement. Where the  center itself is  in a regional   part  of Indonesia  , such  as western Java itself.


In Indonesia there are still many places like Kalimantan, Aceh or Sulawesi.  But  in the end, the government also thwarted the efforts that  had taken place. The relentless  experiments were successful because the resistance was dat quite a force of different  parties.  Until  now, the public still knows her  widely.


Ozadje v TII West Java


Darul Islam Campaign The Indonesian Islamic Army itself is  a movement in the political sphere with its initial development in  the Tasikmalaya area. This resistance was initially  exposed to the Islamic  Stateof Indonesia.   Exactly  7  August 1949. This happened a few years after the announcement.


The  West Jave TII process led by Secaraji  figure Maridjan Kartosoewirjo  was intended to  create Indonesia in the Islamic State, where he was finally proclaiming his  NII. The incident itself occurred because  Kartosoewirjo felt pulled out because of the contents of the  Renville Agreement.


The content of the treaty is supposed to be a nuising honor of the hero of independence. The content of the agreement itself was the Indonesian state, which was forced by the Dutch to retake the  West Ham region. As long as this resistance comes, Kartosoewirjo has become a  politician. It is therefore not surprising that he has a lot of political experience.


Even within the Islamic Sarekat Party, The Au is very fanatical about the religion of Islam. He also had a thought for hijra politics, in which it had to be applied in his leadership.   The backdrop of West Jave TII uniting every branch in Indonesia  gar can be fighting against a government that  disagrees.


It is not just because there is one commonness of a diverse ideology. Leaders and members of the movement were also driven by its leader from West Ham.   This resistance was, in fact, because Kartosoewirjo was unhappy about   the independence of the  Republic of Indonesia,  which was still  overshadowed by the Dutch, who wanted to continue to control  Indonesia.


Purpose Di TII movement created


The emergence of di emberontakan DI TII West Java was  led by community leader Sekarmadji Maridjan Kartosoewirjo himself, because they were supposed to achieve the goals as he wished.   TiI is trying to  create a country where  shari’a isbased in Islam.   In addition, the country  was liberated by  Dutch colonisation.


For more details, the   purpose of this resistance itself is to create an Indonesian Islamic State, which is recognized by the    state. In fact, they also want to be recognised  under international law. Moreover, this    resistance was also designed because indonesia wanted to make Indonesia a country that has an Islamic basis.


The leader of this measure is to become an Islamic law, to become the law of the Indonesian state, of  course, guided by two things,  namely Hadis and the Koran. Not only that, they formed the Islamic State because they wanted to change the laws of the government to make it the same  as Islam.


The purpose of the di tii rebellion west Java was to reject the ideology and laws of  the Hadis and the Quran. In addition to the two things mentioned, they claim that if they follow others, they are considered infidel.   However, it  is very unfortunate, as the main purpose of this movement was designed to combat the Dutch.


But it has changed radically. As everyone knows, Indonesia itself has the highest diversity of beliefs. Where there are six greatest religions in this and the state has recognized it. So it is not wise to make Islam more special than other  religions.


Founder of Potency in TII West Java


The very emergence of the DI measure  was originally because they were suspected of having an important role in shaping the action.     Kyai Yusuf Tauziri.  The founder is said to be in the early stages of creating a peaceful Islamic movement.


In the end, he alsowithdrew his support forKartos Wirjo to fight the Indonesian state. However, many people know that the main character for  DI is  kartosoewirjo himself.   The figure,  who was born  and  raised in the Java area, almost spent her career in West Java.


In reality, he is not a native of West Java, but a native of central Java, who was born in Cep.  The location of the area itself is between Bojonegora and Blora.


In fact, he also had little insight into Islam and the Arabic language, according to the story. There was even a course to be able to enter the Dutch East Indies ketabibab school, located in Surabaya. In this area he met H. Oemar Said ,  who later became president of PSII  .


The only movement di tii West Java was initially  a  bad reaction kartosoewirjo  and his group that they rejected the Renville agreement.   The agreement was concluded by agreement of Indonesia and the Netherlands.   This is what makes Darul Islam  and its troops members are TII themselves.


Breakdown of stalling in tii west Jave                                            


As is known to many people, the   event in TII West Java is the biggest event  in the country  and almost everyone remembers it. Ponekad supports the movement, too. To form   a state that is in line with the Islamic faith.


Even the then government of the Republic of Indonesia also declared its independence and fought again against the Dutch. Once again, the government is facing resistance from its own people. Of course, that’s why the government is working on many things to eradicate the movement. The aim is to include theneg a ra.


In West Java, this fracture began peacefully. Where Moh Natsir formed the committee. But the way he was running didn’t work. After that, he was re-tracked by another method, using military operations.  In the end, Kartosoewirjo was arrested  in 1962 in the Area of Mount Salak.


The operation also refers to community efforts to limit the movement of DI TII members. As for the sentence given, it’s death. Indeed,   the action of TII West Java    is not some of the sacrifices and is an important post-independence event that  you need to know.

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