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How to easily and quickly  check the active duration of XLCredit

XL credit duration   should be well known so that you can still use both for Internet needs,tele-EPon and SMS. As is known, each operator imposes an active period for each number of users for a specified period of time.

If your number has expired and is no longer new, it can cause the number to be forgiven so that it is not used by customers. Clearly, conditions like this will cause you to experience a million L barriers because you can’t enjoy various services from  The  XL, right?

As we know , XL itself is one of Indonesia’s most popular mobile operators . This is thanks to some of the service products they offer such as Internet packages , phone packages , message packages for promo types . Interestingly , XL is also known to have a very cheap price to reach by anyone

Unfortunately,  not  all XL users  have paid attention to  xl’s trusted   duration  . They only need to change a new SIM card after the number cannot be used to access all services provided due to the expired active period. It is not normal for users to change a new SIM card because the old card is finished.

Of course, you don’t want to see if the hit number occurs to you because you don’t care about the active age of XL? To know how the active duration of the nabis is actually too easy to do. So that customers are no longer eager, here are some ways that can be used to check above.

How to easily  check the active duration of XLCredit

For those   looking  for  an active beauty period for the CMCARD  XL, you can use 2 ways, either through numeric code *123# or through the website. To check by calling, customers can type directly into the call list on your mobile phone. If so, you can see detailed information immediately.

At the same time, if customers only need to visit my XL.co.id through the website, they can choose a language immediately. Sign in to some processes that do not need to be passed by clicking this process. Sign in or sign in using a mobile number and password that has already been created. Through the Web, customers can see the duration of the trust with the active duration.

Another way to check the duration of  XL credit is  through the XLM  program. The application can be found through the Play and App store for IOS users. This style also appeared to be easier and more practical than using a website. If successfully downloaded, you can enter it immediately with numbers and passwords.

For an efficient period of trust, it also relies on the amount of equilibrium sent. As long as the trust balance is sent, it will appear that the xl card’s active  time will be longer and there will be confidence. For those you want to extend your active time, you can immediately extend them in some ways below.

ڕێگاکان بۆ درێژکردنەوەی XL SIM Life

To extend  xl’s reliability, there are actually a variety of ways that can be done. Perhaps by raising the balance of trust. To the top of the balance can be done in several ways, such as the ability to buy directly through electronic business such as shop, tocopy to open a store. The duration of trust on  the  XL  card  is:  

  1. RP 1000 = 2 days
  2. RP 5000 = 7 days
  3. RPP 10,000 = 15 days
  4. RPP 15,000 = 20 days
  5. RPP 25,000 = 35 days
  6. RP 50,000 = 45 days
  7. RP 100,000 = 90 days
  8. RP 200,000 = 120 days
  9. RP 300,000 = 180 days
  10. RP 500,000 = 240 days
  11. 000.000 = 360 days

In addition to taking advantage of how  xl credit is  checked,  XL customers  can buy XL active duration.  This information is widely selected because the time can be adjusted to each customer’s needs. It is suitable for those of you who have a high trust balance but the grant period is about to be here. They clearly don’t want the number burned normally, right? The steps are here.

  1. First, customers can open the phone menu directly or call the phone
  2. If so, you can type directly *123*8484#. Wait a moment for the new list to appear
  3. Later , customers can immediately see several active age options at XL , which IDR is 2,000 to 1.3 days , IDR 5000 to 2.7 . Day , IDR 15.0 for 330 days , IDR 30,000 to 4,90 days and IDR 100,000 to 5,360 days .
  4. Make sure you choose the choice in which you meet your individual needs.
  5. If the above styleis performed, your XLClCC card will automatically increase.

Other ways  to extend the life of  the xl operator

Another way that can be used to extend  xl’s reliability is to  buy a variety of packages (Internet, SMS, and phone) provided by the operator or through trust transfer. For a way that can be easily used, here are reviews.

  1. by buying a service package

For those who want to save money? The trick above can be the best solution, by buying an Internet package, sms or phone  provided by XL. For customers who want to buy a package, they can start the service directly from 123#*, users will find some list options.

Start from packages to sms, call to the Internet. Here, you are advised to select the XTRACOmbo list. In this menu, users can find options in the Internet package that can be arranged with their individual needs.

  1. by transferring trust.

In additionto the ability to gain trust, how to check the active  duration of XL’s trust transfer can also be a solution to extend your dear  XL card life  . This style is not complicated, even easy to do. You only need to sign in *123#, select number 7 for information, continue selecting the m-pulsa menu and distributing trust. Enter only the target number and amount of trust.

سوودەکانی  بەکارخەرەکانی XL

There are  some benefits for using xl users, including:

  1. There’s a very good internet network.

The first benefit of this XL operator  is that it already has a very good Internet network. Especially because it already has a 4G network that is the fastest network today. This is also indistinguishable from services that are spread in nearly all parts of Indonesia.

  1. It has a full package as needed.

This provider is also known for a complete package option that can be compatible with customers’ needs. Starts from the Internet package, messages to the phone. Of course, at a price that can reach all its customers.

  1. Having response and call customer services

The latest benefit is the service of responding and communicating customers. These customer services always provide the best as providing friendly services to customers.

XL is one of the most popular mobile users because of the number of complete services and products offered. For you loyal customers, knowing the  duration of  XL credit is  really important to do.

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