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The Realme service center has a call

The Realme service center is available for the Chinese manufacturer to test one of them. For the fun, tens of thousands of things are available, from mobile phones to smart TVs, so anti-dyeing corona poison also

In addition, the Callme facility makes it easier for everyone, especially those who are busy with direct inspection of the centre. In fact, you can also buy a smartphone here. It’s very simple.

But open its website and choose one thing. Then choose the method of payment. There is cash on delivery, bank transfer, payment by credit card. Then the goods are paid for by local courier. Therefore, make sure that the address is correct and complete.

Realme service center has a call for service, will come to the room, briefly read the smartphone v. If it is, it will be brought to the office. However, it can be fixed on the spot. Therefore, although it is necessary, it is established. Don’t worry about your mobile phone

Everything can be advanced, and you can start your own family. Often there is a different life before the technician goes. How to trace to. It is that customers can rest assured of the process.

Greet first

Realme Service Center provides call services, making repairs easier without the need for an office. Although, every customer must be invited first. How to apply for 22356666. Before you call, please make a call

The user must know the IMEI number of the mobile phone. It’s simple, but it’s just a click on the menu. Next, choose their mobile phone. There, complete information about your device will be listed. Then record and search for the name of Iran. Or such as the *#06# button.

But leave it for a few minutes, and then you’re ready. Already, a memorandum is prepared to buy the period must be submitted. The model type of the mobile phone is also. Then the details of the phone loss. Try to describe it.

In this way, the Realme service center has a call to know less about complaints. The second step is to ask the customer to pick up the home and mobile phone. Ru Junshi busy office. However, this address is correct

When it is sent, it is where it is. Far and near also. But after the trip, please have already arrived. Sanctions will be imposed immediately and technicians will visit. The maximum time required is 48 hours. However, the maximum number of hours may be reported.

Perimeter damage

Realme Service Center Caller, OK. Before often coming, the technician tells when. The cover is not one-size-fits-all. In this way, you can repair the phone first and prepare the phone.

Such as backups, such as photos such as documents. There will be a number of cut-offs in the check. This is out of Realme’s right too. Technicians will also be notified at the office.

Therefore, if you lose this number, a certain component will repair it. or row reset. Interestingly, the technician used the photo of the phone as evidence. Why is it here? Then, how to fix it to prevention, so as not to repeat it.

The Realme service center has callers, sincerely need to change the component, the parties are willing to give detailed information. If you still check the warranty first, you can do it. And how much is the amount of payment. Try it, and it will work

Established, the technician will recognize the customer. Delivery due to the place of pick-up. If there are changes, you can appeal to the appeal. The place of delivery is indicated, usually 24 hours.

How to check the phone repair

The Realme Service Center is available for hotline service. In this way, it can be checked when the mobile phone is repaired. 7 to 10 days is not short. In addition, the mobile phone is always available

However, please note that phone calls are not allowed. Not 24 hours also. Sub can be every Sunday. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There is also a way to connect  the  Realme service center, and a caller  opens its website and clicks on the chat. Or open Facebook, Instagram, YouTube on social media, to Twitter, bia also because of email, although it is necessary, must report

On the website, Jun Qi slightly explained the mobile phone and asked, why is it good? If Realme is closed and difficult to open, it has been tasted. But the line is forced to start, that is, press the curing agent button (+) and power on for 30 seconds.

If not, try charging for 30 to 60 minutes. Then start hard. Don’t be surprised, this step will not make all the numbers in the phone lose either. If the phone is not online in this step, please go to the repair center.

Decide on private matters and decisions

In addition, the Realme service center is still available for service, and the phone is recommended when the phone is closed. There are several things to consider, such as checking whether the power supply is choke. And I tried it again, and there was an app that made me autistic

If so, please try deleting it, do not upload it.  When the temperature of the mobile phone rises, the same is true. Realme is hot to cold, since rebooting also. Also check whether the mobile phone contains poison. If so, or sometimes also

Deleted due to antivirus APK. There are also those who are not good at charging. There are several causes, chargers, adapters, or cables. See also ambient temperature. Try to get 25 to 30 degrees. After this, Wen Jun fixed a long time to charge

Other complaints are subject to the resolution of the website. But there are limits. Or, there’s a mess. But with the Realme service center is no mistake, there is a call to make everything useful



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